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Auto leases

OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing is a market leader in offering automobile leases on attractive terms. Leasing cars is an up-to-date and convenient way to expand and renew your companys fleet. Our experts can help you select vehicles and will be happy to answer any questions or provide more information on the leasing services.

OOO Raiffeisen-Leasing has extensive experience in cooperating with all key passenger and commercial dealers and offers special manufacturers terms. Depending on the car make, rates are as follow:

Chevrolet up to 12%
Peugeot up to 5%
Opel up to 12%
Škoda up to 8%
Volkswagen 6%
Polo sedan 5%
Volvo up to 7%
Citroen up to 11%
Kia up to 10%
Ford special price
BMW special price

Contact the Auto Leasing Department at +7 (495) 225-8218 to learn more about the Raiffeisen-Leasings joint programmes with Nissan Motor Rus and other manufacturers to offer special leasing terms.

Basic conditions

Lease asset new cars of foreign brands
Term of lease 2 to 4 years
Advance lease payment 30%
Overpayment from 8% per year

To get a pre-estimate of possible funding for your project, please contact us at +7 (495) 721-9980 in Moscow or your region of interest, email us, or submit an Express Request.